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Dealing with Rape

Anytime someone forces sex on another person without their consent it is rape. Rape is a true crime of aggression against another and it is not the victim’s fault. Some rapes are committed by complete strangers but the majority are done by someone the victim knows. When the victim knows the person who raped them it is called date rape.

If you have been raped:

  • Talk to someone and get help.
  • Call a rape crisis line. They will help you get through it.
  • Call the police. It is the victim’s choice to report a rape, but remember that it is a crime.
  • See a doctor. It is crucial that the victim not shower, bathe or change clothes because the doctor will do tests and provide medical evidence against the rapist.

Remember that giving in is not the same as consent. If it is against the person's will, it is RAPE.

Rape Crisis Center of San Diego
Available 24/7