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Extended Foster Care AB12




Extended Foster Care is the California Fostering Connections to Success Act, which provides support to foster care youth up to your 21th birthday. This provides you with an opportunity to have increased responsibilities and independence which will help prepare you for self sufficiency. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Completing high school or an equivalent program
  • Enrolling  in college, community college or trade program.
  • Employed at least 80 hours a month
  • Participating in a program or activity designed to improve job skills.
  • Need to meet with your EFC social worker at least once a month.
  • Unable to do one of the above requirements due to a medical condition.

Where You Can Live

You must live in one of the following places to be eligible for this program:

  • Home of a relative, non-related extended family member or legal guardian
  • licensed or approved foster home, Foster Family Agency (FFA) certified home, or Intensive Treatment Foster Care home (ITFC).
  • Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP)
  • Group home (if needed up to age 19 to complete high school or if you have a medical condition.)

You are eligible for extended foster care benefits if you live in a placement approved by the social worker.

In the near future THP+ Foster Care (a provider in addition to the social worker will assist    youth participating in extended foster care to live independently and accomplish their goals.)


As an adult it will be your job to accept and abide by the rules and responsibilities in the mutual agreement and by the placement you are in.

You will work with your social worker and caregiver as your support team in efforts to:

  • Achieve your educational and career goals
  • Address long term plans for independence
  • Focus on meeting the goals in your transition plan
  • Continue relationships with mentors and/or any other person who has been a positive influence in your life. 

For additional information on how to opt in to Extended Foster Care, call: 1-866-ILS-INFO (1-866-457-4636)

If you are calling after our work hours and need more urgent attention, please call 211 or go to: www.211sandiego.org or www.211.org for referrals to shelters and services near you.

Extended Foster Care Toolkit


Advice for youth from youth:

A toolkit produced by Pathways RTC provides advice for youth from youth who have transitioned out of foster care to independent living or who are preparing to transition.

The toolkit is divided into two sections, (1) a section with quotes from youth concerning the life areas about which they felt underprepared or uninformed prior to their transition out of care, such as "When it comes to money, I was never told...," and (2) suggestions for young people about how to succeed in transition. A list of barriers to successful transition and a list of myths and stereotypes about foster care also are provided.

Things People Never Told Me is available on the Pathways RTC website:
http://www.pathwaysrtc.pdx.edu/pdf/proj2-ThingsNoOneToldMe.pdf (905 KB)