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Volvo Driver's Training Application

The Volvo Keys to Succes Scholarship Program

Current and previous foster youth ages 16 - 24 can apply for the Volvo Scholarship program for free drivers training. Getting your drivers license includes two parts. There is a written test to see if you know the rules of the road and a behind the wheel driving test with a DMV instructor to see if you can drive a car on the public roads safely.

You will need an adult, over the age of 25, who is willing to sign for you (assume financial responsibility if an accident happens, up to $35,000.00) at the DMV with you when you go to take your drivers lisence permit test.

The Volvo Scholarship drivers training includes preparation for the written test and behind the wheel practice. The training is considered "safe driver" training. Completing the training will potentially let you get a discount on your car insurance. You must submit the application and both letters of recommendation together to have a complete application. Please turn the completed application in to your County ILS Social Worker or the ILS Agency in your region.

Click here to download application.